Buffalo Bill's
  Buffalo Bill's Garlic Bread £3.60   
  Italian Style Garlic Bread £3.75   
  Topped with Mozzeralla    
  Mini Fuds £5.55   
  Spicy Chicken Wings    
  All our burgers are homemade daily and cooked to order served with a choice of fries or salad    
  1/4 lb  1/2 lb 
  Straight £5.00  6.00  
  Say no more    
  Jesse James £5.75  6.75  
  Cheese Burger    
  Hawaii Five-0 £6.60  7.60  
  Cheese and Pineapple    
  Great Western £6.75  7.75  
  Bacon, Cheese and Mushrooms    
  Side Orders    
  Fries £2.50   
  Mixed Salad £2.50   
  Onion Rings £2.50   
  BBQ Sauce £2.50   
  Baked Beans £2.50   
Buff's own Pizzas    
12 Inch    
The Classico £7.30   
Italian Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese & Oregano    
Tex - Mex £9.40   
Mixed Peppers, Fresh Chilies, Pepperoni and Chicken    
The Bronx £9.40   
Spicey Beef, Pepperoni, Ham and Bacon    
Vegetarian £8.60   
Onion, Mushrooms, Olives, Red & Green Peppers Artichoke and Basil    
Pecan Pie £3.25   
You'll go nots about this one    
Apple Pie £3.25   
Deep Pan, served with Ice Cream or just Cream    
Lemon Meringue £3.25   
Cheese Cake £3.25   
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake    
Cold cans of    
Coke £0.95   
Diet Coke £0.95   
Lemonade £0.95