Buffalo Bill's
  Once Upon a Time    
  Buffalo Bill's Garlic Bread £4.00   
  Italian Style Garlic Bread £4.25   
  Topped with Mozzeralla    
  Deep Fried Brie £5.95   
  Coated with Bread Crumbs with a luscious liquid centre served with redcurrent jelly.    
  Soup £4.75   
  Prepared according to the season with fresh herbs, vegetables or fish served with French Bread    
  Prawn Cocktail £7.10   
  Shaken not Stirred    
  Potato Wedges £4.50   
  With the Chef's own special dips    
  Howlers £5.75   
  Breaded Jalapino chillies, filled with cream cheese and served with Salsa sauce.    
  Mini Fuds £5.75   
  Spicy Chicken Wings    
  Garlic Mushrooms & French Bread £5.85   
  A taste that will linger with you for some time    
  Gourmet Chicken Nachos £6.70   
  Tortilla Chips with Chicken, Melted Cheese, Peppers and Chilies    
  Warm Bacon, Brie &Avocado Salad £7.60   
  Breaded Brie, Warm Bacon &Avocado served on a bed of Mixed Leaves with a Honey and Mustard Dressing    
  Tin Pan Alley Pizza    
  The Classico £8.00   
  Tex - Mex £9.90   
  Mixed Peppers, Fresh Chilies, Pepperoni and Chicken    
  The Bronx £9.90   
  Spicey Beef, Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon    
  Vegetarian £9.50   
  Onion, Mushrooms, Olives, Red & Green Peppers Artichoke and Basil    
  Desperate Dan £13.95   
  8oz Rump, Onion Rings, Coleslaw and Fries    
  1/2 Rack BBQ Ribs, Skins & Wings £14.90   
  New York Combo £16.65   
  Marinated Breast of Chicken, % Rack BBQ Ribs, Onion Rings and Coleslaw    
  From the Burger Bar    
  Vegetarians - All our Burgers are available as Veggie Burgers. Our Beefburgers are all home made and served with a choice of Fries, Baked Potato or Mixed Salad    
  1/4 lb  1/2 lb 
  The Italian Job £8.00  £9.00 
  Mozzarella, Pizza Sauce, Mushrooms and Oregano    
  Straight £6.90  £7.90 
  Say no more    
  Mexicana £9.40  £10.40 
  The Bun Burner (Chiffies & Peppers)    
  Hawaii Five-0 £8.00  £9.00 
  Cheese and Pineapple    
  Gone with the Wind £8.50  £9.50 
  Bacon and Beans    
  The Big Grin £7.90  £8.90 
  Mushrooms and Crushed Tomatoes    
  Some like it Smelly £7.65  £8.65 
  Garlic, loads of it !    
  Golden Gate £7.65  £8.65 
  With an Egg easy over    
  Great Western £9.05  £10.05 
  Bacon, Cheese and Mushrooms    
  Empire State £9.20  £10.20 
  Egg, Mushrooms, Cheese, Peppers, Tomatoes and Pineapple    
  Buffalo Bills £9.10  £10.10 
  Bacon and Blue Cheese    
  Au Nature! £6.90  £7.90 
  No Bun, No Fries, Just lots of Salad    
  B.B.Q. £9.10  £10.10 
  Bacon and Bar-B-Que Sauce    
  Jesse James £7.65  £8.65 
  Cheese Burger    
  Extra Toppings    
  Cheese - Egg - Beans - Mushrooms - Garlic - Tomato - Pineapple etc. each £0.75   
  Pepers £1.25   
  Blue-Cheese £1.00   
  Bacon £1.20   
  Fresh Chillies £1.25   
  BBQ sauce as a topping* £1.05   
Grills 'n' Things    
All our steaks are chargrilled to your liking    
The New York Cut £18.95   
10oz Prime Sirloin Steak    
Buffalo Rump £19.95   
16oz of the Best    
The Philadelphia (lovely) £23.50   
8oz Fillet Steak    
Surf & Turf £27.50   
8oz Fillet with Jumbo Prawns    
"Fuds" Spicy Chicken Wings (6) £9.80   
"Fuds" Spicy Chicken Wings (12) £16.20   
Our Chef's own special recipe    
Chicken Carolina £13.20   
Breaded Breast of Chicken topped with Ham and Cheese    
Warm Breast of Chicken £11.05   
Marinated in Oyster Sauce, Basil, Olive 01 Chargrilled, served on a large bed of salad with coleslaw    
Chicago Smoked Ribs £16.95   
Rack of Homecooked Ribs with Bar-B-Que Sauce    
Chilli Con Came £11.75   
Why not try a bowl of the Best Chili in Town served with Tortillas and Sour Cream, or with Rice    
Pasta with Chicken £10.45   
Chargrilled Breast of Chicken, Served with Pasta in a Tomato and Basil Sauce    
Pesto Pasta £8.60   
Pesto and Sundried Tomato Sauce (Contains Pine Nuts)    
Pasta & Steak £11.90   
Strips of Steak in Pesto and Sundried Tomato Sauce (Contains Pine Nuts)    
Side Orders    
Peppercorn Sauce (Homemade) £3.40   
Contains a touch of Brandy    
Fries £3.10   
Mixed Salad £3.10   
Mushrooms £3.10   
Onion Rings £2.45   
Coleslaw (Homemade) £2.75   
Baked Potato £3.10   
(Butter or Sour Cream)    
Bowl of Baked Beans £1.85   
Bowl of BBQ Sauce £2.20   
End of Trail    
Statue of Liberty £4.85   
Try climbing this. A choice of Strawberry or Vanilla ice cream with Blackcurrant and Meringue, topped with cream    
Chocolate Dandle £5.00   
A Real Show Stopper. Chocolate Ice cream with Fudge Choco Sauce and Brandy topped with cream    
Lemon Sorbet £4.20   
Cool and Refreshing    
Pecan Pie £4.65   
You'll go nots about this one    
Lemon Meringue Pie £4.60   
Death by Chocolate £4.60   
The only way to Heaven    
Apple Pie £4.60   
Deep Pan, served with Ice Cream or just Cream    
Ice Cream £4.25   
A selection available - just ask    
Show Boat £6.00   
For the cool drifter    
New York Cheesecake £4.95   
Baked American Vanilla Cheesecake served with cream or Ice Cream